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Curricular Activities
External Evaluation M.Ed.
External Observers observing the Reflective Journals of B.Ed. Students
External Viva B.Ed.
Final Teaching B.Ed.
Pre University Exams B.Ed.
B.Ed. Internship in school
B.Ed. Internship in Schools
Internal Test
Student teachers conducting baal Sabha in Cooperating School
Student Teachers Teaching practice in Cooperating School
Teaching Learning
Activity Based Presentations
Activity on Reading for B.Ed. students
B.Ed. Classroom Presentations
B.Ed. Induction Meet
B.Ed. Role Play Activity
B.Ed. Student conducting Activity on Environmental Awareness in Schools
B.Ed.Classroom Presentations
Orientation on Action Research for B.Ed. students
Presentations by M.Ed. Students
Psychology Practicals for B.Ed. Students
Regular Classes
Student teachers actively participating in activities
Student Teachers conducting College Assembly
Student Teachers understanding Computer operations
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