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International Peer Review Journals-

Dr. Diwakar Singh- Skill Development Program for School Curriculum Enrichment- Solution to Drop Out Problem: A Study Based on Slum Area Students of Bhopal City/ International Journal of Science and Research/ 2nd December 2016/ Online/2319-7064/ Impact Factor-6.391

International E Journal-

Prof. Fr. Johnson-A Study of Relationship between Mental Health, Study Habits, Academic Stress and Adjustment Styles of B.Ed. Pupil Teachers  of Bhopal District , The National Research Journal of Social Science and  Humanities, February 2017, Vol.6, No.2, ISSN 2320-4720

Non-Peer Review Journal-

  • Prof. Annsi Sojan Joseph- Paper titled "Digital Games- A Medium for inculcating 21st Century Skills in Middle School Children"  in Christ Journal of Education Jan-June 2017, Vol-2 No.2, Pg. 45-53
  • Prof. KJ Ramaphani- Paper titled "Communication Skill in 21st Century: Pedagogical Strategies in Christ Journal of Education Jan-June 2017, Vol-2 No.2, pg. 75-78


Dr. Diwakar Singh- As Co Author -Book Titled "Creating an Inclusive School", 2017, Thakur Publications Bhopal, ISBN: 978-93-86488-09-1

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